Compact Group established in 2009 and design a manufacturing distributors and sell the system all over the consumer market.
The founders acquired experience during years of work, developing always more specific technical skills for the supply management systems.
Compact has dynamic specialized employees able to put into practice their skills at the client’s service to find the right solution for every need.
Professionalism and dedication are indeed the main characteristics and distinguish Compact Group. In the market, thanks to valuable clients for their unconditional advice and support for achieves the goals.
During the following years, Compact Group continued its expansion of various subjects to the business core. That came to know Compact Group is a brand in over 35 countries around the world.
Compact Group has specific and advanced equipment’s to produce and test products in compliance with applicable quality and safety standards.
The continuous investment in the expansion of business and the development of innovative ideas and improved solutions has enabled Compact to increase the quality of its products because Compact has the belief that these are the right instruments to achieve a unique result for customer satisfaction. Compact Group has a design with the nine individual sections of business solution. Their core business is an address by power and infrastructural development, power generation supply, heavy-duty equipment supply, Audit inspection certification, calibration, transportation, information technology development, Agriculture developments, and many more. There is every solution under one roof. Compact Group strongly believes that valued clients are the best critics.

Compact Group is a Bangladesh-based aggregate with tangible interests in nine divisions.

Our sister concern Companies are Compact Energy Solution & Services Limited, Compact Knit & Textile Ltd, Compact Transportation Ltd, Compact Agro line Ltd, Shamia Knit & Tex Ltd, Careline Audit & Inspection, Sunaya Enterprise, Alfa-I Info Tech Ltd.

We have developed from solidarity to quality-enhancing our essence crosswise over various businesses and making a reputation of perfection and persistence that is recognized and praised by our customers and industry peers alike. All our different undertakings have prospered because of a playful economy and our resolute pledge to give best-in-class items and administrations for the most extreme consumer loyalty.

Our leading company compact energy solution & services Ltd and CarelineBD Ltd have invested in the development of the power generation and Audit section. We also invested highly in infrastructure projects and Agro line.

Our compact knit tex and Shamia knit tex exports woven and knitwear items to the US and Europe Countries.

Our business is extending and seeking the following dimension of development. We guarantee to showcase progressively creative items and administrations and increase present expectations for operational magnificence in the years to come.

Through various companies under the compact Group Compact represents world-class manufacturers, distributors, and service providers recently.


How We Work

Organizational Management
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Focus Energy and Resources
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Developing Critical Elements
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